Tuesday, 16 August 2011

You're just jealous

How many times have you said something like "Justin Bieber sucks!" and your opponent goes with this dumbest reply ever - "Justin Bieber is hott, you're just jealous"? I think it happened to all of us. Doesn't matter if it's Justin Bieber, Lady Ga Ga, Kurt Cobain or any other hyped-up "celebrity".

Really? Am i jealous? Am i jealous of the guy who spends all his life on camera? Hell, he can't even take a shit without a million cameras pointing at him! How can i possibly be jealous of this guy? I want to take a shit in privacy, thank you very much.

This whole "celebrity" thing is just stupid. I'm not jealous of these people, i just can't get through my head why are they so famous. Did they make some important scientific discovery? Did they cure cancer? What did they do in their miserable lives that makes them deserve their fame?

You know who deserves fame? Stephen Hawking. If you don't know who that is, look him up. Forget Justin Bieber - he's just a big marketing campaign. Even his hairstyle is trademarked. Forget Lady Ga Ga - while she's a genius at selling herself and incorporating bizarre fashion into her persona, she's pretty mediocre in terms of actual music talent. She should've been a fashion designer, not a singer.

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