Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tim Cook - the most gay in Silicon Valley

Yeah, that's what i read today at Ars Technica, who in turn cites another source. And you know what? I applaud Tim Cook. Whether he's gay or not, this is of no concern to me or anyone else. Why do most gay people today feel the urge to make sure everyone knows they're gay?

The article makes a point that hey, gay people, look - there's a gay man, and he is the CEO of Apple - and you can do it too! Now i argue that this fact makes entirely different point - that you can be a CEO of Apple without waving your gay flag and instead just doing your fucking job. Tim Cook shows you faggots how it's done. You better learn from him.

Even if he isn't gay (after all, he didn't either acknowledge or deny that, which i admire immensely), i don't care. He's an Apple CEO, and you faggots shouldn't try and use successful people to justify your existence. Elton John isn't Elton John because he's gay - he's Elton John because he's Elton John. Tim Cook didn't make it to CEO's because he's gay - he made it because he's a brilliant guy and Steve Jobs trusts him enough to replace himself.

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