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You didn't think i'm going to pass this subject by, did you? Yeah, yeah, i'm just like all the others - writing on the hot topic to get pageviews, the soulless twat that tries to capitalize on other peoples' suffering, yada-yada - well, you get the idea.

Anyway, most of you might know that there's an armed raid going on in Libya. Yeah, yeah, civil war, uprising, oppressive regime - cut the bullshit, please. There is no uprising, there is no oppressive regime - all there is is a country where petrol is cheaper than water and lots of stuff is for free or very cheap because the man in charge actually cares about his people. However, that doesn't please the USA and NATO, so they decided to once again force a democracy into a sovereign country.

Unfortunately for them, things are not going as well as they thought. Since no one is oppressed, no one is willing to stand up against the evil oppressive dictator Gaddafi, hence NATO has to hire mercenaries from nearby countries/states, mainly from Qatar. And since this is really a NATO operation, a bunch of NATO soldiers are at it too - the US Navy Seals, some french guys, SAS (unconfirmed) etc. And of course, this whole "revolution" is happening with the financial and military help from NATO.

Does it? Well, how many people you know keep new and shiny FN2000's at their home? Even in USA, i doubt there are many, let alone Lybia. And yet, we clearly see the pictures of rebels with those babies right here:

Yeah, i find it strange too that these guys just happen to have the NATO guns. Kinda reminds me of the russian revolution, only there is USA instead of Lenin and co. The russian revolution of 1917 was financed from the west, the poor factory workers suddenly ended up walking the streets with shiny new german Mausers, and Lenin, while being caught by foreign intelligence somehow misteriously ended up in Switzerland shortly after, and with loads of cash in gold that he used to finance the revolution. Sure, USA doesn't need to finance anyone besides the rebels.

So yeah, this whole situation is a joke. Of course, most probably Libya will fall in the end, because Gaddafi has limited resources, and all his frozen bank accounts are now in the hands of the rebels. After all, you just can't stop USA. This time, they don't even try to hide the fact that they are in it for the oil - the rebels are already declaring that whoever helps the "revolution" gets the privileged access to Libya's resources.

However, USA/NATO will not win because of its military power. They win on the other front - the information war. There's a shitload of falsified news floating around. News agencies refuse to work with independent reporters, indie news are cut off air for telling the truth about this whole thing, the photographs get photoshopped, the videos are made in pavilions, in Qatar - everywhere just to make the illusion of being in Tripoli. This is a nice roundup on this. It also mentions NATO bombardments that aren't in the "official" mainstream media but are covered everywhere else.

Anyway, speaking of photoshopped pictures and fake videos:

This doesn't need any description. Then there's this obviously fake "report":

Then there's this fake photo of dead Gaddafi, broadcasted by the BBC:

There's lots of it really, just look around the internets.

What surprises me the most is the support/silent consent of fellow Muslim countries and frankly any other country in that region. Do you really think you will end up differently?

Oh, for the desert, some real serious shit. War is ugly, everybody knows that. But it's a different story when you actually see how ugly it is. I wonder what would all those people supporting Lybian intervention say when they see this (WARNING: EXTREME VIOLENCE, REALLY SERIOUS SHIT, I MEAN IT!).

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