Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Burn, burn, yes you gonna burn!!!

Can anyone tell what the fuck is wrong with UK? I mean, with all those riots in London and all. The best part is - what the fuck? They don't give any messages, they don't seem to act in response to some tax increase, job cuts or whatever - it seems to be just a bunch of niggers (of all races) suddenly deciding to go on a rampage. I can't picture myself seeing riots outside my house and going all "hey let's crash and burn everything, it's party time!". I know for a fact that area is full of low-life assholes, but still it's not like they go out and loot shops on a daily basis. There must be some reason for this to happen. I remember some shit was happening in France a year ago, but it started out as protests as far as i remember i.e. those guys actually had a message to deliver. What do these guys have to say?

On a side note, team poison hacked Blackberry blog and posted a message threatening RIM with actions if it cooperates with the police. First of all, RIM?.. Didn't know they're still relevant. How much market share do they have now? Three percent? Second, all those poor bastards have Blackberrys? A phone that is positioned as a business/enterprise solution? Oh, how low you have fallen, RIM. Third, threatening message. Clear demands, clear (although somewhat dubious) goal (of protecting innocent bystanders from police intimidation). Yay! The real cyberterrorism! It's not on a big enough scale, probably looks more like a misdemeanor, but still, people finally recognize how it's done. You know what, i might as well take back my statement about Team Poison being lame. They might not be the most prolific hackers in the universe, but they certainly bring good share of entertainment.

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