The WTO Blog Manifesto

So, you've stumbled upon this Allah-forsaken blog, and you got offended. Great! That's kind of the point of this blog, so i say mission accomplished!

But really, let's get serious for a moment. A lot of the things i write, i don't really believe myself (or they are greatly exaggerated). It's just entertainment. It may be in bad taste (most often intentionally so), but that doesn't mean you should take it close to heart and take to Twitter to lash out at me and get your army of special snowflakes to report me for hate speech. I don't come to your door and don't scream any of this at you, i don't come to your YouTube channels or your Twitter or your Reddit and Tumblr safe spaces and throw my vitriol towards you, so if you don't like what you've read here and feel the urge to take it down, please, do me a favor: close this blog, move along and never come back. Let me have my little corner of intentionally hateful speech on the Internet, and don't try to deprive others of the right to read it (and perhaps even enjoy it). Your opinion isn't absolute.

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