Sunday, 7 August 2011


Yep, you're right, another age-old rant about consumerism. But this time i think i actually have a point here. Not that every other guy didn't have a point too, but i think this... well... ah, fuck it, here it is.

I'm tired of everything being geared towards consumption. And when i say everything, i mean literally that - everything. Do you know anyone who can make something with his own hands? Here's a surprise for ya - not only people don't do stuff anymore, they're not allowed to do stuff. Fuck, i can't even install a DSL line myself, i am required to call a "certified specialist", who is usually a recently graduated (probably indian) asshat who doesn't know his STP from his STD. I can't do anything without "voiding the warranty", i can't open my laptop, i can't install new RAM - i am required to pay 50-60 bucks to do what i could do in 10 minutes. Warranty was supposed to be about things not breaking, not about "don't touch anything or you're SOL".

I am also tired of the devices moving into consumption-only mode. Have you seen mobile phones recently? Tablets? New GUI's from Microsoft? Big-ass icons optimized for touch screens? All these bells and whistles, gazillion ways to "socialize", to "share media", to play music, to get on facebook, twitter, myspace, lastfm and chat with your gazillion friends, in-app purchases... Every app wants you to buy something. Stream a movie, buy piece of music, buy new levels for some stupid game, buy more news, buy more this, buy more that. Everything moving to HTML5 and Javascript, "immersive" applications, "rich" media and the likes. Now who needs that? Certainly not me. Guess what - i use my devices to do work. And when i'm working i don't need these bells and whistles, these big-ass icons, immersive and rich bullshit, integration with gazillion of social networks and all that jive. I need them to work. To work fast. And to do what i need them to do.

The problem is, we developers are part of general public too. We are more important part of general public. Without the developers there will not be any "immersive", "rich" and "integrated" applications for those Joe Sixpack assholes to use. You can make this shit all you want, but please don't leave us developers in the cold. Visual Studio is now moving to HTML5/Javascript, Windows 8 will supposedly drop .NET in favour of HTML5/Javascript... What if i want to write a C app? Like if i want it to work fast and on low system level? Do you want me to write drivers in Javascript?

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