Thursday, 14 July 2011

Oh the conspiracy!

Recently, there been a series of over-the-top events - TSA abusing people in the name of security, Righthaven going on a rampage and is well on the way to destroying itself into oblivion... Somewhere in between those there's MPAA/RIAA, music executives getting charged with corruption... Then there are some patent wars between Apple, Microsoft, Google and Oracle, then there's Sony suing customers for modding their shitty console... Then there's this judge who says that WiFi is not radio communication, a debate of whether or not the monkey can hold the copyright... No shit, these cases are SO over the top it's way beyond ridiculous, and any human being with slightest bit of common sense will see that this is complete bullshit.

...But maybe that's exactly the point? What if people suddenly realized that if they don't do that, if they don't carry the intellectual property debate to the point of when it's beyond any common sense by any stretch of imagination - then we will end up in even more bullshit? Because, you know, put a frog in hot water - it'll jump out, put a frog in cold water and slowly warm it up - it'll boil there. We tend to get used to things. And recently there's been a gradual process of tightening the ropes around our necks, and somehow the majority misses that.

Maybe all these people are martyrs, who destroy themselves just to show how ridiculous it all has become? I would seriously want to believe that - actually, this would completely restore my faith in humanity.

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