Friday, 15 July 2011


Having just watched "Sucker Punch" (and finding it an insanely cool movie with hot chicks and top-notch soundtrack), i went out on the Internets to see if there's anyone else thinking it's cool too. To my disappointment, i found that barely anyone actually enjoyed the movie. By the way, i could say the same about e.g. Coen Brothers' "Burn After Reading", which i found absolutely fantastic (and use lotsa quotes from there in real life) and on par with Coens' other works (Lebowski being my all-time favourite right until Burn After Reading came out). "Burn After Reading" didn't appeal to the majority too - as if people don't understand such elaborate (if black and ironic) humor and prefer dick jokes instead.

But anyway, not many people actually enjoyed the "Sucker Punch". At least a lot of critics didn't. Not that i trust critics - quite on the contrary, i try to always have my own opinion - but anyway, if almost everyone is saying the movie sucks - well, it's either something wrong with me, or they just watched it with their eyes closed. Or maybe it's just taste, with which i'm perfectly fine by the way. I don't care for people who didn't like the movie just because, well, they didn't like it. Either it didn't appeal to their precious selves, or they are gay and have no desire for hot chicks, or something else - whatever, it's fine with me.

What is not fine with me is all these reviews focusing on feminism, on female empowerment, revenge, sexual violence and whether this movie represents this or that in bad perspective... You know, talks from all these people that walk around trying to find something to be offended about, and whine at us normal people until we put their whining into legislation (which we shouldn't, but sadly we do). All these feminists, psychologists, all these fat mommas that have nothing better to do than to tell me which movies i should watch and how should they look like.

What these people don't quite understand is really simple - it's a fucking movie! It's not a psychology educational film, or a manual of some sort - this is form of entertainment. Hell, i'm not racist, sexist or anything, but i love racist jokes, i love sexist jokes, i love boner jokes, i love nationality-related jokes (a good example is Hitler or jew jokes to German people), i love hot chicks in movies, i love violence, i love over-the-top bullshit. I love them not because i'm violent sexist, but because it's enterntainment. It's fun. I don't watch Kill Bill and then go out and slice people in half, because i do actually understand that a movie is a movie, and reality is totally different. I watch movies precisely because i want to get away from reality and i want the director to tell me an interesting story. If it's full of hot chicks, violence and racist humor - that's even better, because it's fun to watch. When i watch a movie, i don't care a single bit about if it objectifies women, or if it makes a statement on feminism, or if it discriminates against jews, or if it makes killing kittens look like a right thing to do. I just don't care. I know it's a movie, and i'm not dumb enough to be needing a "don't try this at home" sticker on it.

And guess what - i didn't need that sticker back when i was 6 years old. I grew up watching those cool movies like Wraith, Rambo, Terminator, and guess what - i didn't suddenly start killing anyone, or "objectify women", or whatever. If your kids repeat what they see on TV - get them the fuck away from TV and buy them books, for fuck's sake. Don't blame the TV - blame your stupid kids. If some muslim dork finds Allah caricatures offending - that's his fucking problem, because apparantly he has no sense of humor or is overly sensitive to certain subjects. If some fat bitch sees blood in a movie that's supposed to be violent and goes batshit crazy about it being bad influence on her kids - that's her fucking problem, not Tarantino's.

People don't seem to understand that anymore. Everyone's trying very hard not to offend anyone. Oh, let's not offend blacks. Oh, we have to account for muslims too. Don't forget the jews. And also Native Americans. And single moms. And feminists. And gay people.


Why is this a problem to me? Well, because at the end of the day, it's me who gets that politically correct not-offending-anyone bullshit they call entertainment.

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