Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Norway Terror: the Aftermath

Pretty cheesy title, i know. I love cheesy titles. Cheese is good.

So, some time have passed after the viking attack. I've been watching Euronews for past two days, reading blogs and overhearing stuff, and i honestly can't be bothered to prooflink every statement i make in this post. Now, there are still differing reports on how many he actually managed to kill, who did he kill, how did he kill them, and of course why did he kill them. With how many it's pretty much a technical issue - the numbers differ between about 60 and up to 90. This will be settled eventually, so we'll leave it aside.

Now, who did he kill is an interesting question. Did he kill only muslims? Did he kill everyone in sight? There's still not much concrete information about that. Some say he killed only non-white people (that is, niggers, sand niggers etc.), some say he killed non-white people but preferred to start with beautiful girls first, some say he killed everyone he was able to kill. This still has to be layed out properly before any conclusions can be made. Also, there is a report that he was actually going to kill a politician, former someone of Norway. I take it as a "good" sign, because turns out the guy has some dignity after all, and through some perverted logic those 70+ dead can really be seen as "just" collateral damage, contributing only to weight of his statement, not to the actual message. His target, however, "luckily" didn't make it to the island and thus remains alive and well.

How did he kill them remains to be cleared up too. Some say he had just a pistol with shitload of ammo, some say he had two pistols with a shitload of ammo, some say he had a rifle, or a machine gun, and of course a shitload of ammo. Some reports say he ran out of ammo and just sat there waiting, some reports say he still had shitload of ammo and sat there waiting. One detail is in common, and that is - he done shootin', and just sat there waiting for the police to come and arrest him i.e he didn't do the Marvin Himeyer thing. But all in all, same here - things need to be cleared up before we can say anything meaningful.

Finally, the question of "why". Now this is where all the fun is. First of all, whenever something like this happens, there are plenty of folks who try to use this to further their stupid and potentially harmful agenda. Let's pick out some of those folks. First, some say that he was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to prepare himself, and is said to be using World of Warcraft as a cover for his seclusion. Aaaaaaand, as one can expect, violent video games are the root of all evil again. The anti-game agenda people even disregard the fact that he never actually played World of Warcraft, and Modern Warfare 2 arrived long after he started his preparation for the attacks. But anyway, facts don't matter to these guys. There are also reports that he was listening to "Lord of the Rings" original soundtrack while he killed people. Now that's a welcome difference from the usually demonized heavy metal music. At least the anti-metal guys are confused.

However, when people talk about why he did what he did, they usually say something along the lines of "he's a nutcase", or "he's a nazi", or "he's a terrorist", or something like that. Nobody wants to associate him with something better than things that are almost universally condemned. That's understandable, because under no circumstances such big pile of corpses is justifiable means for the cause. But still, people, as usual, look in the wrong place. The guy is perfectly sane (just overly political), and he is not a nazi. In fact, if you read his manifesto, he actually makes a lot of valid points (though so far i made it through 40 pages only) which are not nazi or insane in any way. What people don't look at is the message that he delivers, and the problems that he's indicating.

That reminds me of the Colombine High School incident, which i already referred to in my previous post. Again, people blamed video games, heavy metal, Internet, USA firearms policy - everything in the world, really; however they completely missed the point of why did it actually happen. I like how Marilyn Manson has laid it out: when Michael Moore asked him what would he tell to those children, Manson responded that he'd listen what they have to say, and that is what no one did. People, listen to what the guy has to say. It's useless to concentrate on the symptoms of the problem. You have to look deeper. Find the cause of the problem. This is where it is appropriate to look for the answer on the "why" question.

And don't tell me there's no cause and no reason, and the guy is just a nutcase, because apparently he's completely sane and the problem is really there. Why is it so much people secretly agree with and support what he did (even if they never admit that in public)? Because we have a nazi society? No. Because people see the problem, and they want government to do something about it. And it doesn't, and in fact does quite the opposite.

I would also like to make some remarks, related to the story. First, there are reporters. Funny thing is, they just fly above the island and film how Anders kills people. Why didn't they do anything? I don't know, like taking a police officer on board and landing him on the island? This is seriously fucked up. Another question is regarding policemen. Why did it take so long for them to just get to the island? As multiple reports point out, they just didn't have a boat big enough to carry a SWAT team, and the nearest heli was 50 miles away. Well, actually the nearest heli was right above them, it just happened to be the helicopter of reporters who don't give a fuck. Why SWAT? Well, turns out the Norway police just doesn't carry any weapons. With 29 murders per year that's understandable.

Another thing is that politicians immediately said that despite this happening, they will respond not with tightened security (which isn't a good idea anyway) and more control, but more openness and "more love". Now correct me if i'm wrong, but this policy of accepting everyone is what got them into trouble in the first place. Statistics show that in about 50 years, non-europeans (muslims mainly) will outnumber the white population of Europe. And then it's only a matter of time when Kosovo happens again - "we are the majority, so fuck you, Europe is now under Islamic law and we want to separate". These people just don't know what they're stepping into. I'm all for immigration, but i don't want Europe being the trashcan of the world.

The Canadian or Australian system seems way more reasonable - in order to emmigrate, you need to match a certain criteria. That is, immigration is only good when there is a necessity. Europe doesn't need people who live on benefits and contribute only to crime rate and the number of unwanted children. Accepting everyone without filtering is a BAD idea. Especially from problem zones.

Yet another remark - today Anders's father spoke up. He said something about him being ashamed of his son, and that he'll never go back to Norway for that reason. Now, i'd like to take a stand here, and say FUCK YOU to the old man. Yeah, he better shut the fuck up, the asshole he is. He's ashamed of being the father of a man, whom he shamelessly left as a child? What kind of a father is that? And he has the nerve to say that he's ashamed of being his father?

And finally, an important (and funny!) thing to note is that at first, when these attacks happened, numerous US news channels claimed that it was another act of Islamic terrorism. That's what you get for being so islamophobic, i guess. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the million dollar question: was it an act of terrorism?

And the answer is - yes, it was. Lotsa corpses, political motives and a clear political statement. It was a definite act of terrorism. You muslims better learn from this guy - this is how it's done. And USA and my fellow americans, take note - this is what terrorism is, and this is how it's done. There is a clear goal - murder big number of people, and leave a clear, precise political message of why you are doing so. He didn't do it for the Allah, or because of Jihad, or because he hates us for our freedoms, or some imaginary god, or whatever other bullshit USA is feeding people. No, he did it to send a message to Europe - and that message was to stop mass immigration from bad parts of the nearby world before it's too late. He acheived his goal (though he didn't kill his initial target), and he is indeed a successful terrorist. This is a welcome difference. Finally, a real act of terror.

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