Friday, 14 September 2012


11 September. Ah, what a great day. The whole USA is butt-hurt. They all try so hard to show that they remember, oh they remember! They always keep the thought about 9/11 in their thoughts, yeah. Somewhere between... OK, no Carlin quotes here.

But let's look at the legacy of the 9/11. The whole country is cowering in fear of terrirists. Security check here, frisk search there, X-ray scan here, pat down there. The terrorists (if there ever were any, of which i'm still not entirely convinced) have stated that their goal was to destroy the american way of life and their freedom - and from where i'm standing it looks like they have succeeded. I'm not going to go into great detail about how USA is totally different today, but let's look at another interesting thing that's happening these days.

The innocence of Islam. Oh yeah, that fucking movie. Let me get this out of the way - it sucks. It really does. As much as i love good troll, this just doesn't cut it even as a beginner troll. This is atrocious. In fact, it's so cheaply made the actors didn't even know they were in the movie about islam, they thought it was just a movie about that general period. But who cares, anyway.

The fact is, it sparked an outrage in a number of towelhead countries. So much, in fact, that some idiots even attacked a US embassy over this. Really? You protest a movie that portrays you as stupid violent crowd, and you prove its point by doing the exact same thing the movie is depicting? I mean, how stupid can you be, Allah worshippers?!

And not only that, but what the embassy has to do with any of this in the first place? You gotta pick your targets, you know. There was a guy who was killed over another movie about islam, but hey, at least he was killed because he fucking created that movie! At least those idiots who killed him have got to the right guy, who actually had everything to do with the damn movie! They didn't kill a Joe Sixpack from Alabama, they didn't attack a random US citizen and they certainly didn't attack the fucking embassy of USA! You gotta pick your targets.

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