Thursday, 6 September 2012

Right away

Don't you just hate people who make you wait for no good reason? People who say "yeah, sure, i'll do it right away" and then dick around for three weeks making excuses every time?

Like if you want someone to send you a collection of photos and there's a fast and easy way to do it, but he or she insists on using the most inefficient and slow-ass method of sending those damn photos, and the act of sending is never actually complete because uploading a 200MB archive on a slow connection to some god-forsaken file-locker is guaranteed connection drop and reupload. And your frustration is guaranteed too because "i fucking told you this would happen, and it happened five times already and you still don't listen and don't want to change your ways and do things properly, you fucking dumb piece of worthless shit".

And you kinda feel like a dick asking and arguing about this every time because these photos aren't really all that important - it's not like your survival depends on them. But then you still kinda want these photos, and the person has already agreed to send them, so it's fair game to ask about them and try to help said person to do it more quickly and efficiently, just so you don't have to wait for another three weeks (like you already have) just to get these fucking photos you never needed to begin with.

And then they get all bitchy because you're criticizing their way of doing things and go all defensive mode, like "stop criticizing me, or i won't send them at all". Like, dude, you doing things the dumb way and refusing to change an obviously broken way of doing things is the primary fucking reason i am now complaining about it, and now you're essentially saying "shut up, i am the King of the Universe, i have those photos, you're the one who needs them, so you're getting them on my terms, or you ain't getting any at all".

And you're now faced with a dilemma - you don't want to tell this person to go fuck himself because it's one of the very few people in the world you actually care about, and you don't want to get into a stupid fight because of some stupid photos. But at the same time you still kinda want them and don't see any logical explanation to why this is fucking happening in the first place, because all it takes is 15 seconds and a few mouse clicks, and the problem is gone like it never happened. And you can't believe how the person can behave so fucking stupid and reject any attempt to speed things up despite the fact that you're both tired of this already. You don't normally have stupid people as your friends, and you know full well that this particular person is anything but stupid, so this behaviour frustrates you even more, because that's not how a smart person behaves.

And then, after a few more arguments about why the fuck doesn't he just let you do it yourself if he's too fucking stubborn to change his ways and too fucking stupid to follow your directions, you start getting the feeling that he is doing that just to annoy the hell out of you. In fact, you know that this is not true, but you still get that feeling because that would be the only logical and rational explanation for this mindblowingly stupid and arrogant behavior. You are a logical person, and you assume that this person behaves according to logic too.

Only he doesn't. He doesn't want to annoy you, and there is no logic behind his behavior. In fact, he himself doesn't have a slightest fucking clue as to why he behaves like that. He can't explain why he is doing things the way he does, despite you pointing out the obvious flaws in his actions, which even he himself admits and acknowledges. For some reason he just doesn't want to change, doesn't want to improve things, doesn't want to become a better human being, and doesn't want to give you the fucking photos any way other than uploading a huge archive to some file locker on a slow connection, wasting yet another two hours to upload 99% only to get a connection drop and start again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Try a better way? No. Why? Just fucking because.

Don't you just hate these people sometimes?

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