Friday, 6 July 2012

Linux sucks!

First of all, sorry for not annoying you with much posts lately, been a little busy moving to a different place and settling in. I hate moving, i hate all this anxiety, i hate when a steady rhythm of my life is anally raped like this, but i guess that's life.

Now, Linux sucks. Yes, this is going to be a yet another post on how Linux sucks, with me bringing arguments about Linux while still assuring that i'm a fucking Linux zealot, advocate and whatnot. Yep, just like that, let's get it out of the way. I love Linux. I use it as my everyday OS, i occasionally do some development on Linux, i happen to feel comfortable in the command-line, et cetera, et cetera. That's all great.

But there's a big butt! For starters, i'm tired of and frustrated with Kubuntu. I've been using Kubuntu since, well, practically the day it showed up on the radar. I used it through 7.x series, through 8.x, through 9.x series, through 10.x series, through 11.x series, but i will not use 12.04. At least not as my main system. I'm moving to Chakra Linux. Why? Because Kubuntu is so god damn sluggish it's unbelievable. It literally crawls like a snail. Plus, i'm a bit of an adventure guy, i like adding PPA's and testing semi-stable packages. The problem with that of course is that every once in a while everything breaks. Yes, it's my own fault, but i don't care. Chakra manages to run testing branches of KDE4 without depriving me of graphical desktop every so often, so it's not like it's impossible.

The only successful upgrade to a new release i've had ever was from 10.10 to 11.04. This was Kubuntu at its best - not only it didn't break anything, it actually made things better! Not a single upgrade before or since was clean and easy - every time i had to shoot adrenaline into the kernel to bring the system up again. During big updates package manager often hangs and does nothing. Lately it's been hanging on the very last step of updates (processing triggers or something). Whether it's Muon or KPackageKit it doesn't matter - it still sucks.

Fonts. Fonts fucking suck. After - what, twenty? thirty? - years of this phrase first appearing on a public internet, it's still true. Fonts suck in Linux. I don't care that i can make them not suck, that i can edit zillion config files and install some shit just to display fonts properly - i don't give a fuck. When i install Windows, i don't fiddle with fonts. Why should i do so here?

Open Source projects. Some of them are pretty awesome, most of them suck. LibreOffice? Big fat sluggish piece of shit. Firefox? Don't get me started. The GNOME software camp? Fucking abomination. GNOME is a disease, a cancer on a free software movement. GCC? If this is the best compiler the community is capable of producing... Well, i rest my case. KDE software and KDE-related stuff (e.g. ownCloud) is probably the only worthwhile FLOSS software around, and it's not without its problems either.

Sound. SOUND!!!! How many god damn sound frameworks is enough?! OK, things have been slowly moving towards PulseAudio lately, and with version 4 my Skype is finally able to work properly without taking over my sound hardware or closing YouTube just to make a fucking call. But no pro sound so far. JACK is great as a framework but the drivers for anything remotely professional suck big time. Yes, i know it's not the fault of Linux community, but who the fuck cares? I still can't use neither FFADO nor any of the USB drivers. I keep a Windows installation just so i can record stuff properly.

Graphics. Yep, nouveau is making progress (dunno what's up with ATI, i haven't used a single Radeon in years), but gaming and GPU acceleration on Linux still sucks balls. You know what? I've decided to stick with Intel integrated graphics for the foreseeable future. Yes, i got myself the newest ballsiest Ivy Bridge Core i7, an equally ballsy Z77 motherboard, and that's it. No discrete graphics, fuck em all.

Pro software. Suffice to say, the ones that are worth something either are/were commercial (think Blender), ugly, messy and useless (yo GIMP, how's your CMYK support?), or simply crashy or amateurish (pretty much everything else). And we still wonder why, oh why didn't Linux take over the world...

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