Saturday, 7 July 2012


I don't normally talk about TV shows. Simply because i have no TV at home and the only TV shows i ever watch are the oldies like X-Files, Psi Factor, Poltergeist: The Legacy and stuff like that. I make an exception every once in a while - Californication is a insanely cool series with Fox Mulder and lots of tits. And recently i made an exception for Fringe as well. (a friend of mine recommended to check out Big Bang Theory, and i honestly tried to watch it but it turns out i fucking hate the fake audience laughs so much i actually can't concentrate on the show itself)

Fringe were a good series. I won't talk about how this or that wasn't quite scientific, or plausible, or whatever. I have a far higher tolerance for quasi-scientific bullshit, if it goes along with the plot and fits into the setting well. I am OK with a scientist who was participating in every conceivable secret military experiment in the world, spent 16 years in a nuthouse and came out all fine and dandy. I am OK with the concept of only having two parallel universes. I am OK even with rewriting parts of the plot with a cheap move of "removing Peter Bishop from time".

What i am not OK with is logic errors. Whatever the insane bullshit story you tell, there's gotta be logic and consistency. Here are some of the most outrageous things i've noticed (there's many more of them i missed):

  • Walternate is a nice guy? Sorry, but Walternate once sacrificed Col. Broyles to get what he wanted. This man is evil. And suddenly, some time in Season 4 we discover that he's actually not that bad and overall a good and trustworthy fella? Sorry, i don't buy that.
  • Nina Sharp from alternate universe after Peter's erasure (season 4). Why did she appear? From where? What was her agenda? What's her back story? She suddenly appears, does some bad shit, and quickly dies. That's not how it's done, JJ.
  • Observers taking over the Earth? This is CHEAP. They don't feel emotions anyway - why the fuck would they need girls, money, or power? It's so downright silly it's painful and insulting.
  • September seeing all the futures but couldn't predict the one he was shot in? Bullshit. Bonus points for some shit "technology" to draw a symbol to hold him in one place that can be disabled by simply erasing the sign.
  • William Bell suddenly appears, and he is being evil and playing God? Without any mention of William Bell's fate throughout season 4? In one of the previous seasons, he fucking sacrificed himself to save Olivia and others - and now he's a lunatic that wants to destroy everything and everyone? Please.
  • In season 4, in the alternate timeline, there was no Peter. Peter was the primary reason why Olivias have swapped places and then came to hate each other. So, with Peter gone, why do they still hate each other?
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations, JJ, you've ruined a good quasi-sci-fi series.

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