Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs no more

Rest in peace, Steve. I hate your gadgets, i hate your bullying of other companies, i hate the mindless consumerism and gadget objectification that you have inspired... I hate a lot of things about you.

BUT! I have never ever seen a person like you. A person, of which i hate just about everything, and still have a deep and everlasting respect for. A visionary. A brilliant technologist. A man capable to make religion out of a smart phone. A man capable of surrounding himself with the best of the best. A man capable not of fulfilling the markets, but of creating the market. A man capable of not listening to the customer, but of telling the customer what he needs and why he needs it. A man capable of making the whole world to listen to what he says. A man capable of thinking different.

You are my hero.

Rest in peace, Steve. You deserve it.

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