Sunday, 9 October 2011

Steve Jobs gave god no glory

I rarely see such stupidity. Seriously, this is way beyond what i would consider ridiculous. Some Baptist bitch claims that Steve Jobs had a huge platform and didn't use it to "give God glory".

You know what, Mrs. Margie J. Phelps? Boo fucking hoo! I wonder how many people will find your sentiments not inducing a metric fuckton of laughs. First of all, if God is so great and all - why the fuck he needs to be given glory in the first place? But that's beside the point actually, because i'd also say that you're not giving God any glory either. You're a disgrace on the face of Christianity. You're making a farce out of somewhat sane religion. Of course, having baptists, protestants, orthodoxes, catholics and a million of other Christians is already a farce, but, to their credit, there are some good people involved. Sometimes. Those people, are, however, sane despite, not because they appear to serve God. I already had a big rant about religion, and this "woman" is exactly the kind of pitiful idiot that doesn't get the religion at all.

Also, there's this another thing. Steve Jobs was a Buddhist. He was under no obligation to give your god glory. Apparently, that escaped the poor bitch. She just keeps whining about how God created iPhone for the purpose of her telling the world that Steve Jobs will burn in hell. Uh-huh. Pride comes before the fall, bitch, you should know that. In fact, she had already fallen. At its roots (that is, in a Bible), Christianity is a peaceful religion - thou shall not kill, thou shall love your neighbor and all. But apparently, the more "blessed with God's will" the individual becomes, the more killing and hating on people becomes negotiable. Yea, that's a direct quote from George Carlin, i know that. I love the guy.

But that's not all, folks! We have another winner! I've never mentioned this guy before, but i've always found him a bit... well... strange sometimes. I mean, to his credit, he is the father of what is now considered a big movement towards liberation of our computing, and he continues to work towards that goal, and has come to very notable achievements. Yes, i'm talking about Richard M. Stallman. The weird bearded guy who invented GNU and GPL. Unfortunately, somewhere along the ride he became an enemy of common sense. Well, he wasn't a very good friend of common sense to begin with, but his recent antics are way beyond what i consider passable.

Basically, he said that Steve Jobs, the creator of computer jail made cool, is gone. And a bunch of other stuff. In short, he wasn't very fond of Steve Jobs. Now, i kinda agree with what he said. Apple is computer jail made cool. I once had an Apple iPod, and the only reason i was using it was because i could install Rockbox on it. I am going to buy me a MacBook soon, but only because i can install Linux. I will never buy another iPod, and i will never buy an iPhone because recent iPods and all iPhones don't let me install whatever i want on them.

But the thing is, Steve didn't just bring anal slavery to whatever he touched. His company, while being a fanboy breeding center, while bullying and trolling other companies with bogus patent claims and trademark infringement suits, while locking the fuck down their own OS and their devices, still maintains or contributes to numerous OpenSource and Free Software projects like WebKit, Darwin, CUPS, Bonjour (aka Zeroconf), GCC and a bunch of other stuff. It also made Free Software better by showing that "look, you fucking stupid freetards - usability matters!". It's mostly because of OSX being so pretty we now have all glossy and slick Windows, GNOME and KDE. Apple's iOS is mostly what's made Android happen - the innovations iOS brought into mobile scene greatly influenced both Android and other projects like Maemo/Moblin/MeeGo/Mer/Tizen/whateverthefuckelseLinuxbased.

Don't also forget Steve's Pixar and wonderful cartoons they made - starting from Toy Story and upwards to Wall-E which literally made me cry. Steve Jobs was no angel, that's true, and i despise every single bit of his software, his ways of locking everything down and many other things - but you've got to admit that 1) it wasn't all bad, and 2) the guy was genuinely one of his kind in that he had a clear vision, an idea, a world he imagined and then built, and made fucking billions off of it you cheapskates!

So, to conclude, Margie J. Phelps - you can suck my dick. You're probably doing this to get some money out of Steve's remaining family and to bring some attention to your church of idiocy. In other words, you're an attention whore. And RMS - you can suck my dick too. True, you have achieved something that wouldn't be possible without you being such an asshole, but you're still an asshole, and you can suck my dick. Just because.

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