Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Gay Pride!

It's been a while since i last wrote here, i've been away having some nice vacation. But now that i'm back, i can start talking shit again.

This time the target is the LGBT community. For those not in the know LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The topic of gayness is very hot in modern society. There are, basically, two groups of people - those who dismiss stuff as being "gay" and those who consider being "gay" cool. I belong to the first group. I am straight.

Do i have a problem with homosexuals and all the other freaks of nature? No. Why do i call them freaks? Well, because they are. And fuck you. Yes, they are. There is something wrong within their psyche or within their body, or within their DNA, or with whatever the fuck else - it's a fact. A male is attracted to female - that's our nature. If a male feels like he's a female - it's an illness. If a male has a sexual desire for another male - it's an illness, because it's not what nature wants us to do (some people argue that people are inherently bisexual - i beg to differ). They are ill. Is it wrong? Of course not. You can have an illness that is not curable, there's nothing wrong with that. Hell, some people's illnesses are far more dangerous to the society than a man's desire for a fellow man's dick.

So what's the problem with these guys? It's their attitude towards the world. You see, i don't care if the guy is gay or not, that's not my fucking business. They can have their gay sex all they want. But these guys tend to have a desire to tell each and everyone that they are gay. They constantly show off their gayness and all but scream about their "difference". I don't care, and i don't want to care - but they make me care, and that's what i don't like. Ever heard of straight parades? Where people were marching down the street telling everyone that they're straight? Neither did i. Great, let's make castrate parade then. Or amputees parade. Or some other assclown minority parade.

Moreover, some of these guys try to harass me, trying to persuade me into various homo activities. And the funny part is, i can't even hit them in the face for doing that, because those politically correct idiots make any negative activity towards gay people look like homophobia. I can't even say "fuck off" to a homo and not be labelled as a homophobe.

But what really pisses me off the most is that they try to convince everyone that being gay is normal. I already said, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but it's certainly not normal either. Gay marriage - OK, fair enough, i couldn't care less. But adopting kids? Fuck you. When you keep all your gay activities to yourself - i don't care, i don't want to know that. But involving other people (that might not be gay) is another story. Especially the fucking kids. We can as well allow certified mentals to adopt kids - there's nothing wrong with being a nutcase either. How big are the chances that a kid will know what a "mother" (or a "father", in case of lesbian family) should be when he grows up and makes his own family, and how big are the chances that he doesn't turn to more "familiar" gay lifestyle instead, forming yet another dysfunctional family that does not produce a new human being as a result of their relationship?

Some people argue - better be gay parents than straight drug addict parents. I say - neither is better. But at least junkies have a slight chance to recover.

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