Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Pengpod

I bought the Pengpod. Or, more precisely, funded its Kickstarter campaign. I wanted to have a Vivaldi tablet, but since Aaron Seigo is being such a slowpoke, i jumped on the Pengpod instead (although i'm sure i'll get me a Vivaldi as well, for reasons that will become clearer as a result of this post).

And let me tell you. Linux, not optimized for tablets, sucks cock. It really does. The default Linaro image is an atrocious experience. The main reason i wanted the tablet was for the KDE Plasma Active 3, but by the time i got my tablet, the OpenSUSE image link from the PengPod wiki was giving out error 404, and to this day still hasn't appeared. Moreover, the Plasma Active from Linaro repositories is an old version 2, and is extremely sluggish (well, Linaro is Ubuntu, so what the fuck did i expect). In other words, Linux on this tablet sucks balls. Even the XBMC, which looks cool, didn't work - or, more precisely, it did, but the touch screen doesn't work in XBMC.

So i finally gave up and installed an Android image. Now we're talking. At least it works on a tablet.

But why Vivaldi if PengPod sucks? Well, the PengPod is clearly a product for tinkerers. I'm not shy to hack away but sometimes i just want a working piece of technology. As in, i'm fine with having to do some hacking to make it work, but i don't want to do everything from scratch! I mean, there was a video of Plasma Active 3 running on exactly my tablet (PengPod 1000), and here i am, getting a 404 on OpenSUSE image for fucking three months now! I at least expected a somewhat working Plasma Active 3 when i was buying it.

The Vivaldi, however, is positioned as much more user friendly and, more importantly, it will be backed by the KDE community and official Mer images. That means i won't have to compile half of KDE repository myself just to get latest KDE Active stuff. I'm still waiting, Aaron. Please don't let me down.

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