Friday, 13 May 2011

Terrorists win!

USA has finally shot down the Number One Terrorist, the most evil and feared man on earth... Or so they are trying to make us believe.

Why don't i believe that USA has killed Osama Bin Laden? Well, there are two big reasons. First of all, there's simply too much information that simply doesn't quite make up the picture. They track him down, get into a fierce fight and then kill him. Those brave SEALs guys (or whoever the fuck it was) do the Rambo thing, the whole world applauds, everyone's happy.

The biggest secret is... Why the fuck did they dump him at sea?! No, seriously, what the fuck? Aren't we supposed to see the guy? Is USA really expecting us to believe that they killed the enemy number one of the whole fucking world, and then dumped him to the sea just like that?

To me it looks kinda fishy. It is clear that the guys were doing something there, but Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with that. He didn't, and that's why they "buried the body in the sea" - no body, no problem. Hell, when Saddam Hussein was captured, they were broadcasting his execution to the whole fucking world - and now they get bin Laden and just dump him in the sea?

However, there is another reason i don't believe USA has killed Osama bin Laden. And the reason is that i don't think he ever existed. There may very well be Osama bin Laden somewhere in the Arab world, or even somewhere in the bin Laden family, but he wasn't the guy on the videos, he didn't bomb the Twin Towers and he didn't start no Al Quaeda. This whole bin Laden thing is just a hoax.

USA needed Pearl Harbour as an excuse to enter WWII. USA needed an excuse to enter Vietnam war, so they provoked an attack on their ships. USA needed an excuse to invade Iraq and start the whole "War on Terror" thing, so they allowed someone to bomb the WTC. It may not be an inside job, but to think that USA government had nothing to do with that is just pure nonsense. There are no terrorists, there is no Al Quaeda, there are no weapons of mass destruction, Islamic jihad or whatever. This is just one big pile of bullshit. What is the goal - we can only guess. Most probably money.

After all, what is so hard about asking a fellow Arab family (bin Ladens and Bush families are long time friends) to "lend" their name to a fictional terrorist, who would then be used as an excuse to bomb USA, invade a few Middle Eastern countries and make more money? Sounds like a plan to me.

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